We want our tenants to have a voice on how we deliver housing services.

In November 2022, we launched our Tenant Engagement Strategy. Over one thousand tenants took the time to let us know how they would like to engage with us, on what matters to them.

We are looking for tenants and leaseholders to work with us, to help us improve our services.

There are several ways that tenants can engage with us:

Our tenant engagement roles

Within our Tenant Engagement Strategy, we identified eight voluntary roles that our tenants can fill, to help us improve our services.

We believe there are many benefits to being involved, which include:

  • You have the opportunity to tell us what works well - and not so well
  • You can help us make positive changes
  • Free training is available
  • You can develop new, transferable skills
  • You can make new friends
  • You will be empowered to make changes you'd like to see in your neighbourhood or local area

We can pay for any costs you may incur (for example, childcare and travel). However, a lot of our engagement can take place from the comfort of your home. 

The table below details the roles that we are available to tenants. If you would like to volunteer your time - of if you would like to speak to us more informally about our services - please email tenant.engagement@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Role Responsibility Time commitment
Complaints Champions Assist us with the review of complaints - you will act independently, to help us ensure we deliver excellent customer service and consider the resident's perspective One to two hours, every three months
Digital Sounding Board Join a database of tenants, shared owners and leaseholders who provide us with feedback on a range of issues 30 minutes to two hours, as and when needed
Neighbourhood Champions Serve as the 'eyes and ears' of your community, and work with us on issues which affect residents One to two hours, at least twice a year
Resident Readers Review our planned publications, to help us make sure that our communication with residents is easy to understand 30 minutes to one hour, as and when needed
Resident Recruiters Assist us with the recruitment of our customer facing Officer roles Half a day for attendance on an interview panel, as and when needed
Safety Matters Champions Work with officers to identify and mitigate health and safety risks within our communities One to two hours, at least twice a year
Tenant Board This is our most formal role. Members of our Tenant Board hold us to account on our performance At least two hours, four times a year - plus time in between, to read reports
Tenant Experience Champions Work with us to review specific services or issues that you are passionate about 30 minutes to two hours, as and when needed