What to put in your refuse bin

You should use your refuse (general rubbish) bin for the majority of waste that can't go into your recycling bin.

If you are unsure if an item can be placed into the refuse bin, please view the Suffolk Recycles A to Z guide.

Ash, dust, shredded paper and other loose materials must be wrapped, or bagged and tied, before being put into the refuse bin.

Please also make sure that any pet or human waste is bagged up before putting it in the refuse bin.

It is also important to make sure no liquids are put into the bin.

Items that should never go in your refuse bin

If a bin contains non-accepted items, it will not be emptied.

What happens to my refuse?

We do not send any waste to landfill. Instead, refuse is taken to the Energy from Waste Facility in Great Blakenham.

At the facility, refuse is burned at high temperatures and used to generate electricity for over 40,000 homes.

To find out more about where your refuse goes, please visit the Suffolk Recycles website.