Clinical, medical and sharps collections

Clinical waste and needles/sharps must not be put in refuse (general rubbish) or recycling bins.

Collection of clinical and medical waste

We provide a free collection service for residents who need clinical waste disposing of. Eligible residents are provided with a yellow clinical waste bin. These bins are collected fortnightly by a dedicated collection vehicle.

We can also help those who produce extra waste due to a medical condition, for example incontinence, by providing a larger or additional refuse (general rubbish) bin.

Before applying for this service, please speak to your health care provider(s) about your needs.

Please note:

  • Human waste from babies and toddlers, such as used nappies, would not be classed as clinical or medical waste
  • We are unable to collect clinical or medical waste from businesses and other non-domestic locations
  • Clinical or medical waste generated by an animal cannot be collected

Apply for assistance with the collection of clinical or medical waste

Sharps box collections

We can collect sharps boxes on an ad hoc basis.

We can only collect sharps boxes that have an all yellow lid.

If your sharps boxes are a different colour (such as purple), please contact the health care provider who gave you them.

Please note:

  • We are unable to collect sharps boxes from businesses and other non-domestic locations
  • Sharps used on animals cannot be collected
  • If required, we can leave an empty sharps box at the time of collection. The sharps box left will be approximately 22L in size

Request the collection of a sharps box

What we do with your information

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