Non-Domestic Rates (known informally as Business Rates) are a national tax, collected locally by councils. It is charged to the owner or occupier of business properties.

A portion of what we collect is paid to the government and Suffolk County Council. We retain some of the income, as well as a portion of any business rates growth.

Business rates income - together with Council Tax income - is spent on the provision of local services.

The government have published introductory guidance on business rates on their website.

Business Rates Multipliers

Each year, the government set two multipliers:

  • the Standard Multiplier for businesses
  • the Small Business Multiplier for small businesses

Business rates for a property are then calculated by multiplying its rateable value by the relevant multiplier.

The 2024/25 multipliers are:

  Standard Multiplier Small Business Multiplier
2024/25 54.6p 49.9p


We also publish business rates multipliers from previous years.