I want to help

There are various ways that you can get involved and support those who are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

For volunteering and donation ideas in Suffolk, access:

Community fridges and pantries

Community fridges and pantries reduce food waste and offer low cost food options.

For more information, and advice about how to set up a community fridge, please access:

Offer a warm space

A network of warm spaces has been developed across Suffolk, so that people can come together to chat in a warm and welcoming environment.

If you'd like to offer a space, please visit the Rural Coffee Caravan's website for more information.

Could you be a landlord?

Due to the current shortage of privately rented properties, finding an affordable place to live can be difficult for our residents.

If you have a spare room available - or an empty property - and are interested in becoming a landlord, our Central Suffolk Lettings team offer a no fee letting service. Our service can help you find a tenant. 

Visit our central Suffolk lettings page for more information 

For more information about renting out a property, the government have produced the following guidance:

Renting out your property (from GOV.UK)

If you have any empty property that you'd like to rent out, but it needs renovation, you may be eligible for an interest free loan to help with the costs.

Visit our empty homes renovation loan page for more information