The cost of living is affecting everyone, in different ways.

Nationwide, many schemes and rebates have been introduced to help households.

We are encouraging our residents to check that they are getting the support they are entitled to.

We have worked with the Independent Food Aid Network and local organisations to create a quick breakdown of the support available to help with common cost of living issues.

If you are worrying about money, answer a few short questions to find out your options and who can help.

You can also download a leaflet which explains what to do if you're worrying about money.

Suffolk County Council also has a helpful leaflet which explains what to do if you're worrying about money. If you prefer you can visit your local library to pick up a printed copy.

For more information on the support available for food and essentials, utilities, housing and to boost your income, click "I need help" at the bottom of this page.

Our Response

Our Cost of Living Action Plan lays out our approach to supporting our communities through the current crisis, highlighting five areas of focus where we will work to mitigate the impact of the high cost of living, while building longer term community resilience.

The plan is reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the changing needs of our communities and support our residents to remain resilient despite increasing pressures to the cost of living.

View our current action plan