Hackney carriages (taxis) and private hire vehicles (PHVs) are licensed in a similar way, but are subject to different conditions. They are also, mainly, regulated by different legislation.

We licence vehicles that have up to eight passenger seats. If you would like for a vehicle with more than eight passenger seats to be licensed, you need to apply for a vehicle operator licence with the DVSA.

What are the differences between taxis and PHVs?

Taxis PHVs
Can use any designated taxi ranks within the district Cannot use taxi ranks
Can be flagged down in the street Cannot be flagged down in the street
Available for ply-for-hire (can transport a passenger, with no prior booking) Cannot transport a passenger, without the journey having been pre-booked
White number plates. Often have an illuminated sign on their roof Yellow number plates
We set the maximum fares that taxis can charge PHV operators can set their own fares


Apply for a taxi or private hire licence

If you would like to apply for a taxi or private hire licence, you will firstly need:

Please email licensingteam@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk and request an application form. If you would like to drive both types of vehicle, you can apply for a Dual Drivers Licence.

Within your email, please state:

  • your name and address
  • your contact details
  • details of which taxi or PHV business you will be linked to, or work for

Application guidance

When making your application, please refer to the relevant guidance:

Comment on a taxi driver

If you would like to make a complaint or a compliment about the driver of a taxi or PHV vehicle. we recommend that you first contact the relevant operator or business.

If you are still not happy, you can report it to us. Please email licensingteam@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk or write to us. You will need to include:

  • details about the driver and vehicle
  • relevant dates and times
  • information about any steps you have already tried to take

Complaints about dangerous driving should be reported to the police without delay.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

We publish and maintain a list of vehicles within the district who can carry passengers travelling in a wheelchair.

Please refer to our wheelchair accessible vehicles information to learn more.

Driver policy and updates

Our Hackney Carriage, Private Hire Operator, Vehicle and Driver Policy 2022-2025 was approved by Cabinet on 7 March 2022, and took effect from that date.

This policy details the conditions we expect operators, licensed vehicles and drivers to operate under.

Please also refer to our clarification note regarding the policy, which was published in August 2022.

We also published an update leaflet for all licensed drivers and operators in September 2022.