Garage rental application or termination

Garage tenancy

We have garages across the district that are available to rent - please view the next page to see Garages in Babergh

You can apply to rent a garage from us. Priority is given to existing council tenants and anyone with restricted mobility.

You will be placed on a waiting list if there is no available garage at the locations you want.

When you are offered a garage, you will have to sign a Garage Agreement. This sets out your responsibilities on using the garage. If you break any part of this agreement, we will end your agreement and take back the garage. Please refer to garages terms, conditions and prices. You will also be charged for forced entry, clearance and a lock change.

We will not rent a garage to tenants or leaseholders who owe us rent or service charges.

Terminate a garage tenancy

If you wish to end your garage tenancy, you need to give us two weeks written notice.

You must return your garage clean and clear of all items. If you do not, you will be charged for any clearance costs.

You must return the keys to us promptly.

Keys must be handed into the offices at:

Stowmarket Customer Access Point, 54 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket IP14 1AD or any of our offices

Keys can be posted, when posting the keys, please ensure you secure the keys to a piece of card with the garage address stated, to ensure their safe arrival.

FAO Neighbourhood Team
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road

Apply for or end a garage tenancy

Garage locations

  • Bacton: Pound Hill Close
  • Badwell Ash: Richer Close
  • Barham: Kirby Rise
  • Barham: Rear of 29 Kirby Rise
  • Barham: Water Tower Site
  • Barham: Winchester Garden
  • Baylham: Glebe Close
  • Bedingfield: St Mary's Row
  • Little Blakenham: Little Box Meadow
  • Botesdale: Chapel Row
  • Botesdale: Park View
  • Bramford: Acton Road
  • Bramford: Cherryfields
  • Bramford: Flindell Drive
  • Bramford: Lorraine Way
  • Buxhall: Edmunds Road
  • Claydon: Norwich Road
  • Claydon: Station Road
  • Claydon: St Peters Avenue
  • Claydon: St Peters Close
  • Coddenham: Green Hill
  • Debenham: Henry Street
  • Debenham: Sackvylle Street
  • Elmswell: Eastern Way
  • Elmswell: Jubilee Terrace
  • Elmswell: Millers Close
  • Elmswell: Thedwastre Close
  • Eye: Ash Drive
  • Eye: Castle Hill
  • Eye: Elizabeth Way
  • Eye: Oak Crescent
  • Eye: Tacon Close
  • Finningham: Westhorpe Road
  • Fressingfield: Broadway
  • Fressingfield: Chapel Close 
  • Great Finborough: Oak Close
  • Great Finborough: The Chestnuts
  • Gislingham: Springfields
  • Harleston: Goddard Place
  • Haughley: Bixby Avenue
  • Haughley: Denny Avenue
  • Haughley: Eve Balfour Way
  • Haughley: Grainge Way
  • Haughley: Millfields
  • Haughley: Turner Lane
  • Henley: Pond End
  • Henley: Wellfield
  • Horham: Manor Park
  • Hoxne: Abbey Terrace
  • Hoxne: Heckfield Green
  • Hoxne: Nuttery Vale
  • Kenton: Garneys Close
  • Laxfield: Mill Road
  • Mendham: Withersdale Street
  • Mendlesham: Ducksen Road
  • Mendlesham: Horsefair Close
  • Mendlesham: Mason Court
  • Metfield: Town Farm Close
  • Needham Market: Highlands Close
  • Needham Market: John Swain Close
  • Needham Market: Priestley Road
  • Needham Market: Quinton Road
  • Occold: Redingfield Road
  • Old Newton: Falconer Avenue
  • Palgrave: Rose Lane Close
  • Redlingfield: The Knoll
  • Rickinghall: Church Meadow
  • Rickinghall: Rectory Hill
  • Ringshall: Coronation Glebe
  • Stoke Ash: Roman Way
  • Stoneham Aspal: Stowmarket Road
  • Stoneham Parva: Lambeth Way
  • Stowmarket: Curwen Road
  • Stowmarket: Gainsborough Road
  • Stowmarket: Gowle Road
  • Stowmarket: Hunt Close
  • Stowmarket: Iliffe Way
  • Stowmarket: Lindsey Way
  • Stowmarket: Seabreeze Road
  • Stowmarket: St Edmunds Road
  • Stowmarket: St Marys Road
  • Stowmarket: The Twinnings
  • Stowmarket: Verneuil Avenue
  • Stowmarket: Wright Close
  • Stowupland: Columbyne Close
  • Stowupland: Reeds Ways
  • Stradbroke: West Hall
  • Thorndon: Fen View
  • Walsham Le Willows: Grove Park
  • Walsham Le Willows: Pound Close
  • Walsham Le Willows: Townhouse Road
  • Westhorpe: The Crescent
  • Westhorpe: Church Road
  • Wetherden: Park View
  • Wetheringsett: Hockey Hill
  • Wetheringsett: Knaves Road
  • Weybread: Friars Meadow
  • Wickham Skeith: Grange Road
  • Wickham Skeith: Kitchen Close
  • Wingfield: Castle Crescent
  • Woolpit: Abbotts Meadow
  • Woolpit: Roman Fields
  • Worlingworth: Church Road
  • Worlingworth: The Cross
  • Wortham: Cherry Tree Cottages
  • Wyverstone: Rectory Road
  • Wyverstone: South View

Terms, conditions and payments


Rent must be paid monthly by Direct Debit or standing order. The amount charged is subject to change by the Council. We will inform you before making any changes. 

Use of garage

Your garage should be used to store your motor vehicle. It must not be used for storage of combustible materials. The Council accepts no responsibility for damage to your vehicle. 

You must not:

  • Assign or sublet the garage without previous consent in writing from the Council.
  • Make any alterations to the premises without the consent of the Council.
  • Use the garage so as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to others.
  • Conduct a business from the garage.

Please ensure doors are kept closed when not in use for safety and security. Damage may occur if left open.

You must follow normal safety requirements to protect yourself and others. The Council accepts no liability for your actions in the use of the garage.

Council access to the garage

Representatives of the Council have a right of access in order to carry out maintenance and repairs.

If you are responsible for any damage or neglect to the garage, you may have to pay for whatever work is necessary.

Ending the rental

The tenancy may be terminated by two weeks’ written notice given by either party.  

At the end of the tenancy, you must leave the garage empty and in a clean condition. If items are found in the garage, these items will be removed. You will be charged with the cost of clearance.


Keys are to be handed into:

Keys can be posted, when posting the keys, please ensure you secure the keys to a piece of card with the garage address stated, to ensure their safe arrival.

FAO Neighbourhood Team
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road

The keys are the property of Mid Suffolk District Council. If these are lost of misplaced, you may be charged. This could cost around £90.00.



£10.84 a week for Mid Suffolk tenants to rent a garage.

Other applicants

£13.01 a week (including VAT) for a garage.

Make a payment

You must pay for your rent on a monthly basis.

Pay online

Pay your garage rent online

Pay by monthly direct debit

Paying by monthly direct debit is the easiest way to pay.

Download and complete the following form to set this up:

Mid Suffolk District Council Monthly Direct Debit Rent Instruction

Online banking or set up a standing order

You can pay your rent using online banking or set-up a standing order with your bank.

Please include your account number which can be found on your bill.

For standing order payments, please contact your bank and provide them with the details below.

If you are a Mid Suffolk tenant: Lloyds Bank PLC, Sort Code: 30-99-85, Account number: 00708698