A leaseholder is a person who holds a long lease of a flat, or maisonette. You will be the legal owner of the flat, for the full period of the lease.

We still provide services to communal areas and maintain the exterior of the block.

What is a lease?

A lease is a legal agreement between you (the leaseholder) and us (the landlord). Every landlord has a responsibility to make sure that the terms and conditions of the lease are met.

Your lease will include a plan of your property. It will detail what was included at the time of the sale (for example, a garden or parking space).

Our responsibilities as a landlord

We are responsible for the main structure of the building, common areas and any shared services. These may include:

  • communal window frames
  • lifts
  • loft spaces
  • door entry systems
  • caretaking of communal areas
  • grounds maintenance of communal areas
  • estate and block lighting

We will also arrange building insurance. We will contact you before we intend to start any major works.

Your responsibilities as a leaseholder

Your responsibilities will be set out in your lease. They will generally include:

  • looking after the contents of your home
  • paying service charges
  • keeping your home in good repair
  • the behaviour of other members of your household, and any visitors
  • ensuring that they do not cause any nuisance, or harass neighbours
  • telling us if you sublet your property

Your lease will also detail what you are not allowed to do, as a leaseholder. Examples include:

  • Not make any structural changes or additions to your home, without our written permission
  • Not to keep any pets without our permission
  • Not do anything that might make the building insurance invalid
  • Not put adverts in flat windows
  • Not use the property for anything other than a living space

Please note that lease agreements will vary from building to building.