A local land charge is a restriction or prohibition imposed on a particular piece of land. Its purpose is to either secure the payment of a sum of money, or limit the use of the land. These charges are binding on future owners and occupiers of the land.

We no longer provide a local land charges service (this includes personal searches). You can search for local land charges via the government's national register.

We continue to respond to CON29 enquiries.

Please note that it is not possible to cancel a requested CON29 search once the search has commenced.

CON29 enquiries

A CON29 enquiry consists of two parts. You can request a CON29R (standard enquiries) or a CON29O (optional enquiries) via our online form.

Please refer to our local land charges information to learn more.

The table below details our charges for this service. These charges apply regardless of the method in which you make your enquiry.

Service Applicable fee
CON29 only (inc. VAT) £164.50 (from 1 April 2024)
Each optional CON29O enquiry (inc. VAT) £12
Each additional parcel CON29O (inc. VAT) £16
EIR information (if collected) Free
Each individual Question from CON29 £3
Admin fee for Question(s) compilation £5


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