Our Digital Journey is here to help you get online. Here you will find out where you can connect to the internet and how you can benefit from being online. 

Getting online is easier than you may think. 

How do I get online? 

You can connect to the internet from either a fixed internet connection such as home Wi-Fi or using mobile data on your device. If using mobile data, don’t forget to check your data allowance.  

If you don’t have an internet connection at home, you can connect to free public WIFI in various locations, such as in Suffolk Libraries.  

Finally, you can also book to use a computer in your local library where you will be able to access the internet. To find out more visit Suffolk Libraries website. 

Why get online? 

There are many benefits to getting online and using the internet. They include: 

  • communicating with friends and family 
  • using price comparison websites to save money on your bills 
  • learning new skills 
  • being part of a community 
  • helping people manage physical and mental health 
  • online shopping 
  • online banking and/or public services 

iPad loans 

In partnership with Suffolk Libraries, you can borrow an iPad from libraries in the district. You can borrow an iPad from Hadleigh or Sudbury library. 

Visit Suffolk Libraries website or pop to your local library to find out more about borrowing an iPad.