We move dead animals from the public highway, and on land that we own, as part of our street cleaning service.

In most cases, the animals that we move are wild animals involved in road traffic accidents (for example, badgers and deer). This work can also include moving domestic pets and livestock.

Our service does not include the removal of dead animals from private land, or trunk roads (the A12 and the A14).

If you need to report a dead animal that's on an A-road or motorway - or its verges or central reservation - please report it to National Highways.

Report a dead animal

Please note that we can not accept anonymous reports.

We are unfortunately not able to keep dead animals for burial purposes. If we find an animal with a microchip, or contact details on a collar, we will try to contact the owner.

Wild birds

You can report dead wild birds to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Marine mammals, or animals in water

We are responsible for removing dead marine mammals that have washed up on the tidal shores of (within the districts):

  • the River Orwell
  • the River Stour

If you find dead fish, or fish gasping for air, please report it to the Environment Agency.

Reporting a stranded whale or dolphin will depend on whether the animal is alive or dead. The Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme have published guidance on how to report a stranding.