Our Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team, like all staff employed by Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, work equally across both Councils.

Arthur Charvonia, Chief Executive

Phone the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive (and Council Leaders), Deborah Largent, on 01473 296335

Kathy Nixon, Deputy Chief Executive

Phone Kathy's Executive Support Officer, Michelle Markwell on 01449 724640

Deborah Fenton, Director of Housing

Phone Deborah's Executive Support Officer, Keeley Whitlock on 01449 724588

Deborah is responsible for:

  • Tenant Services
  • Housing Solutions
  • Assets and Investments
  • Housing Transformation

Emily Atack, Director of Property, Development and Regeneration

Phone Emily's Executive Personal Assistant, Sarah Ford on 01449 724656

Emily is responsible for:

  • The Councils' Companies
  • Strategic Property
  • Democratic Services
  • Regeneration and Capital Projects

Mark Emms, Director of Operations and Climate Change

Phone Mark's Executive Support Officer, Keeley Whitlock on 01449 724588

Mark is responsible for:

  • Recycling, Waste and Fleet
  • Public Realm and Parking Services
  • Public Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Climate Change

Melissa Evans, Director of Finance and Procurement

Phone Melissa's Executive Support Officer, Deanna Scille on 01449 724572

Phone Melissa's Executive Support Officer, Tina Taylor: 01449 724810

Melissa holds the statutory position of Chief Finance Officer (Section 151 Officer) and is responsible for:

  • Finance
  • Commissioning and Procurement
  • Business Rates and Council Tax
  • Housing Benefit and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Tom Barker, Director of Planning and Building Control

Phone Tom's Executive Assistant Jacqui Kiewiet on 01449 724888

Tom is responsible for:

  • Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Control
  • Electoral Services and Land Charges

Sara Wilcock, Director of Corporate Services

Phone Sara's Executive Support Officer, Tina Taylor on 01449 724810

Sara is responsible for:

  • Customer Experience
  • ICT and Programme Management
  • Strategic Policy, Performance, Insight and Risk
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Internal Audit

Di Robinson, Director of Sustainable Communities and Economy

Phone Di's Executive Support Officer, Michelle Markwell on 01449 724640

Di is responsible for:

  • Communities
  • Economy and Business

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