Temporary accommodation

Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils currently have access to a range of options for emergency and temporary accommodation including:

  • Self-contained units
  • Shared accommodation
  • Hotel accommodation for emergency placements

Not everyone is entitled to emergency housing when homeless.

To qualify for emergency housing, you must:

  • be legally homeless now
  • meet the necessary immigration and residence conditions (also known as ‘eligible for assistance’)
  • have a priority need for housing, or someone in your household must fall into a priority need group.

Emergency housing is a short-term option while we look into your housing situation. You could offer you somewhere in the form of bed and breakfast (B&B), a homeless hostel or a self-contained flat or house.

The temporary accommodation Team will support households in various ways including –

  • Placing people as best we can into their preferred areas whenever possible to ensure they remain close to schools, work, and support networks.
  • Providing essential provisions, bed, white goods, storage and assisting with accessing other essential items when needed such as bedding, cookware and food parcels.
  • Ensuring residents agree to and comply with the conditions in their licence agreement.
  • Maintaining regular checks of all the accommodation, reporting repairs, and resolving problems.
  • Identifying any support needed and signposting for support intervention from relevant agencies.

During your stay in temporary accommodation you will be required to pay rent, we can support you to do this via accessing benefits.