Invalid Planning Applications

If your application is invalid, you will receive a letter which explains why and lists documents you must provide to validate your application. This letter will come from the Planning Validation Team. 

Common reasons applications are invalid: 

  1. The red line on the Site Location Plan (showing where the site is) is missing or wrong 
  2. The submitted plans are incorrect (for example, plans are not scaled or labelled) 
  3. The required plans are missing 
  4. The wrong Application Form has been submitted / the Application Form has not been fully completed  
  5. The Ownership Certificate has not been completed properly / accurately  
  6. A Design and Access Statement has not been submitted 
  7. The fee has not been paid 

Other things to note:  

  • It is quicker for the Council to deal with A4 and A3 paper sizes. While larger sizes can be accepted there may be a delay as these need to go through our print room.  
  • We cannot accept documents larger than 10MB. 
  • Each plan should be submitted on a separate document.  
  • All plans should be labelled with metric measurements.