Demolition of a building

When and how would I need to give notice of demolition of a building to Building Control?

Any person who intends to carry out the demolition of a building over 1750 cubic feet (approximately 50 cubic metres), must inform the local authority in writing, at least six weeks prior to commencement.

You should complete a demolition notice proforma with details of your intended demolition and send to us.

The completed notice must be submitted along with a location plan of the building showing adjacent streets and buildings. You should also send a copy of this notice to any adjacent building occupiers, and service providers such as gas, electricity and water suppliers.

The demolition notice process

Once we receive your notice, a member of the Building Control Team may visit the site to identify any conditions or risks that need to be taken into account and to confirm which persons or organisations will be notified of the works.

A counter notice will then be sent to the person intending to carry out the demolition detailing any conditions the council requires them to adhere to when carrying out works. A copy of the notice will also be sent to the owner or occupier of adjacent premises, statutory undertakers and other interested parties as necessary.

Demolition may legally commence after the council has issued its counter notice, or six weeks after notice was issued upon the council, whichever occurs first.

How much does the process cost?

There is no charge for the demolition notice process.

Can I demolish anything without issuing notice to the Local Authority?

Yes, the following do not require a notice to be made:

  • A house subject to a demolition order made by the council under the housing act 1957.
  • An internal part of an occupied building which is to remain occupied.
  • A building with a cubic content of less than 1750 cubic feet (measured externally). This is approximately 50 cubic metres.
  • A greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage attached to another building.
  • A detached agricultural building (as defined in the General Rate Act 1967)
  • An agricultural building attached to a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage.

Do I have to inform anyone else?

Other legislation may require you to inform others before demolition work is to commence, this may include but is not limited to the following (These are outside the scope of an intent of demolition notice made to the Council):

  • Town and Country Planning Acts or Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act, Please check with Planning 0300 123 4000 (selecting Option 5 and then Option 3).
  • Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, please check with the Health & Safety Executive.

Submit your demolition notice either online or by email or post:

Demolition notice online proforma

Demolition notice proforma (PDF format)

Email Building Control

Babergh and Mid Suffolk Building Control
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Phone 01449 724510